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O U R   S T O R Y

Sassafras is a breakfast and lunch restaurant with two locations in Denver. Our original location in the Jefferson Park Neighborhood of West Denver opened in 2012. 

Our menu offers comfort food influenced by Southern American cooking traditions.  We are proud to create dishes using locally-sourced and organic ingredients.


Our cocktail menu features made-from-scratch Bloody Mary's, Mimosas in many unique flavors and crafted cocktails. Now available at both locations! 

Indoor dining at Sassafras American Eatery
Sassafras American Eatery Highlands location

The Historic William J. Dunwoody House

The Dunwoody Home is situated in an area of Denver known as Highlands. The house is most notable for its association with William J. Dunwoody, its builder and first resident; and for it's unique architectural elements. Dunwoody was born in 1858 in Poughkeepsie, New York, where his family had been in the soap manufacturing business for some time. Dunwoody entered the business himself at an early age, but his health failed, he contracted tuberculosis, and in 1883 at the age of twenty-five he came to Colorado to recover. His health improved somewhat, and in 1884 he was able to return to New York, marry, and return to Colorado with his bride.


Dunwoody built the house a few years  after his marriage. He bought the land in 1887, had to build up his savings account in order to get a loan, and could not completet he structure until 1889. He lived there until his death, and his descendants continued to live there until 1960 when they sold the property to one Joseph Drobnick, who in turn sold the house to the present owners in 1974. By this time the structure had become quite run down, but the new owners took great pride in the artistic quality of the house and restored it with sensitivity in order to draw attention to the original lines, colors, and detailing. The exterior reflects the 19th century heritage while the interior has been remodeled in such a way as to preserve the fine woodwork.




                                                          The Dunwoody House was                                                            the original location of the                                                            iconic Denver restaurant                                                            La Loma, which operated                                                           in the house until 1994.


Sassafras American Eatery has been operating in the Dunwoody Home since 2012 and is proud to continue to care for this beautiful Victorian Structure.

Dunwoody House
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