Beignets     6   
french market donuts, powdered sugar

Fried Pickles     7   
house-made pickles, cajun buttermilk dressing

Deviled Eggs     7   
with smoked paprika

Biscuits & Gravies     7   
your choice of smoked mushroom, breakfast sausage, 
duck fat country or green chili gravy


Karen’s Cajun Gumbo     Cup 6 / Bowl 11
house-made andouille, local chicken breast,

dark roux, white rice, filé powder 

Sassafras Spinach Salad     11
baby spinach, red onion, bacon, red tomato, gorgonzola cheese, bacon molasses vinaigrette
add  chicken confit    4


Breakfast Mac*     14
diced bacon or breakfast sausage, poached egg, 
grit croutons, creamy cheese sauce, sharp cheddar  

Truffled Chicken Mac     14
chicken confit, white truffle oil, grana padano
add egg*     2 

Smoked Mushroom Mac     14
smoked crimini mushrooms, creamy cheese sauce, 
house-pickled jalapeno, local goat cheese
add egg*     2                 add diced bacon     2     

Classic Mac     11
creamy cheese sauce, sharp cheddar, grana padano
add diced bacon     2    


Fried Green Tomato Benedict*     13   
green tomatoes, poached eggs, arugula, lemon hollandaise,

sun-dried tomato vinaigrette, jalapeno cornbread,

choice of potato casserole, buttered grits or collard greens
add diced bacon     2 

Cajun Benedict*     15  
seared seafood cakes, poached eggs, 

lemon hollandaise,  fried shrimp or fried oysters, 

choice of potato casserole, buttered grits or collard greens

Shrimp & Grits     15
gulf shrimp, andouille sausage, capers, cajun seasoning, scallions, white wine butter sauce, white cheddar grits

Chicken Biscuit*     14   
crispy chicken confit, buttermilk biscuit, over easy egg,

collard greens with pork, duck fat country gravy,

choice of buttered grits or potato casserole

Buffalo Hash*     15
free-range bison smoked over pecan wood, 

fried six-minute eggs, jalapeno cornbread, duck fat country gravy

Veggie Hash*     14
smoked mushrooms, brussels sprouts, 

russet potatoes, jalapeno cornbread, scallions,

fried six-minute eggs, green chili gravy

Biscuits & Gravies*     13
your choice of smoked mushroom, green chili, 

breakfast sausage or duck fat country gravy, two eggs any style, your choice of buttered grits, potato casserole or collard greens

Bananas Foster Pancakes     13
bananas, spiced rum butter sauce
available GF

Buttermilk Pecan Pancakes     12
toasted pecans, butter, pure maple syrup
available GF

Southern Breakfast*     13
two eggs any style, cajun andouille, collard greens,

black-eyed peas with rice, jalapeno cornbread

Sassafras Breakfast*     13
your choice of breakfast sausage, fresh fruit, bacon, andouille or fried green tomatoes with two eggs any style,

biscuit or toast and potato casserole or buttered grits


Green Tomato Po’ Boy     14
crispy cornmeal crusted green tomatoes, arugula, 
local goat cheese, red onion, sun-dried tomato vinaigrette
add double smoked bacon     2

Shrimp Po’ Boy     15
crispy cornmeal crusted gulf shrimp, lettuce, red tomato, 
sassafras rémoulade 

Catfish Po’ Boy     15
crispy cornmeal crusted Mississippi catfish, lettuce, 
red tomato, sassafras rémoulade

Breakfast Po’ Boy*     13
scrambled eggs, arugula, goat cheese,
cajun dressing 
with your choice of breakfast sausage,

double smoked bacon or fried green tomatoes


Fried Chicken Platter     15
crispy fried chicken confit, collard greens with pork, 
black-eyed peas, jalapeno cornbread 

Smoked Mushroom Jambalaya     14
smoked mushrooms, long grain white rice, tomato ragout, 
holy trinity, house-made hot sauce

Fried Catfish Platter     15
crispy cornmeal crusted Mississippi catfish,

black-eyed peas, collard greens with pork,

sassafras rémoulade

Red Beans & Rice     13 
slow-stewed red beans with smoked ham hock, white rice, 
andouille sausage, jalapeno cornbread