Bloody Baron     7     
Tommy Knocker Green Chili Lager, roasted tomatoes, 
fresh cilantro, lime, house-made ghost pepper hot sauce 

Sassafras Mary     9.5      
vodka infused with garlic & dill, roasted peppers, 
cajun seasoning, house-made habanero hot sauce, 
sassafras bacon

Tale of the Pig     9.5      
vodka infused with sassafras bacon, 
spicy carolina barbecue sauce, smoked peppers

Garden Mary     9.5      
vodka infused with garlic & dill, red tomatoes, celery, 
parsley, paprika, fresh garlic

Mary Magdalene     9.5      
gin infused with sun-dried tomatoes,

serrano hot sauce, red tomatoes, fresh herbs,

queen olives

Bloody Maria     9.5      
tequila infused with sweet pepper & pineapple,

roasted chiles, red tomato, cajun spice blend

St. Mary     9.5      
vodka infused with sassafras bacon, horseradish, 
smoked tomato, house-made cajun seasoning

Queen Mary     9.5      
vodka infused with pickled peppers, green tomato, 
pineapple, green bell pepper, fresh jalapeno

Marie Laveau     9.5      
vodka infused with habanero peppers,

fire roasted chiles, red tomato,

house-made ghost pepper hot sauce 

The Baroness     7     
American Lager, green tomato, pineapple, green bell pepper, house-made serrano hot sauce


Orange Blossom
orange blossom water, fresh orange juice, sparkling wine

Magic Potion
pineapple, lime simple syrup, fresh orange,

green bell pepper, sparking wine

Key Lime
fresh lime, pineapple, orange, coconut milk, sparkling wine

fresh berry blend, citrus, fresno chili coulis, sparkling wine

Ménage à Trois
fresh orange, cranberry, grapefruit, sparkling wine

pineapple, cranberry, lavender hibiscus simple syrup,
sparkling wine

Pink Lemonade
house-made lemonade, hibiscus simple, sparkling wine

pineapple, orange, fresh lime, apple juice, sparkling wine

Spiced Pearody
orange, apple, spiced chai, sparkling wine

Many Mini Mimosas
Can’t decide? Take a flight! 
Select any four mimosas

Many Mini Marys
Do you love Mary’s like we do?
Select Four Bloody Marys

The Proud Mary
Our Extra Large 24oz. Mary
Choose your Favorite Bloody 
& Get Proud!     


Hurricane     10     
rum infused with charred citrus, pineapple, orange,

tropical simple syrup

Bee Sting     9     
local rye whiskey, fresh orange, local honey, lemon, 
house-made aromatic bitters 

Voodoo Magic     9     
tequila infused with sweet pepper & pineapple, 
green bell pepper, pineapple, orange, sparkling wine

Gin & Juice     8
gin, grapefruit, orange, cranberry. Laid back!

Cajun Mudslide     9     

Sazerac     10     
local rye whiskey, absinthe, simple syrup, lemon peel, 
house-made aromatic bitters

Louisiana Lemonade     9     
vodka, house-made lemonade, wild berry puree,

fresno chili coulis

Gone With the Wind     10     
gin infused with lavender, hibiscus simple syrup, 
wild berry puree, fresh lemon

Choose Your Screw     9     
Screw it your way! Vodka with your choice of juice:

Ménage à Trois, Rendezvous, SweetHeat, Magic Potion, Harmony, Lemonade or Orange


Café au Lait
house blend coffee, steamed milk

white & dark chocolate, espresso, 
steamed milk, foam


Maple Latte 
maple syrup, espresso, steamed milk, 
whipped cream

Snickerdoodle Latte 
cinnamon, vanilla, espresso, steamed milk

White Lavender Mocha   
white chocolate, espresso, 
lavender simple syrup, steamed milk, 
whipped cream

Caramel Cappuccino 
espresso, caramel sauce, steamed milk, foam


Fresh Orange, Cranberry, 
Grapefruit or Apple Juice
    3.5 / 5.5

The Madonna     6     
Our Virgin Mary! 
choose any one of our signature Mary mixes

Ménage à Trois Juice Blend     3.5 / 5.5   
orange, grapefruit & cranberry

Rendezvous Juice Blend     3.5 / 5.5 
pineapple, orange, apple & fresh lime

Voodoo Juice Blend     3.5 / 5.5 
pineapple, orange, green pepper & fresh lime


Cinnamon Toast Crunch 
Mocha Choca Latte YaYa 
Key Lime Pie
Chocolate Dipped Bacon 
Cap’n Crunch
Peanut Butter Cup 
Double Chocolate 
 Coffee & Donuts
Honey Vanilla Chai
Caramel Apple Cobbler
Tropical Dreamsicle
Berries & Cream


Purple Haze
house-infused lavender gin, 
wild berries, vanilla bean ice cream 

Mardi Gras
rum, pineapple, orange, apple, 
fresh lime, tropical simple syrup,
vanilla bean ice cream 

King Cake
bourbon, cinnamon cereal, 
vanilla bean ice cream